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me to the sims 3 opening theme


me to the sims 3 opening theme

Anonymous asked:
what do you like about lydia? i try to like her but i just find her a massive slut


Okay, first of all whoa.

I usually don’t write out long answers, but are you fucking kidding me? If Lydia were a guy this entire time and had slept with the same amount of people within the same time period, would you have anything to say about it? A woman is not generally in a dominant powerful position on television, and one thing that drew me to Lydia was that very quality. She liked men and she didn’t care whether it was expressed, she didn’t force herself into a little virginal shell of a person that she’s “supposed” to be. She slept with a couple of boys, nothing too major, and who are you to judge her for it? To call her a slut, of all things? For knowing what she wants and not being afraid of the backlash just because of her gender?

Lydia is a beautiful and strong woman, a powerful portrayal of someone who’s incredibly smart and recognizes their own individualism. She started off vein in the beginning of Teen Wolf, but even then I loved her because I knew she was going to develop into something fierce. She was a force to be reckoned with from the start, and her desire to help people and be there for her friends is an example of some excellent character development.



teen wolf in slides

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am i right folks

honestly if Lydia dies I’m so done.

All Lydia stans, seriously - I don’t care how much you love the show, stop watching. I want this show boycotted if they kill off the last original female character. Our strawberry blonde banshee.